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Canvas Of The Month July 2014

Introducing The Giclee Collection of Remastered Fine Art Photography, combining vibrancy of colour and artist technique, offering something very unique to oils and water colours.

This eclectic portfolio encapsulates the most iconic of Nothern Ireland landscape and landmarks as well as a number of interesting abtracts.  

From the fashionable Titanic Quarter and Belfast by night; to the beauty of the rugged Antrim coasline; the historic City of Culture; and the stunning North Coast.   

A number of alternative/modern art images also make up the porfolio of interesting objects, shapes and floral displays.

Every canvas is custom made to order with a range of sizes available to order.   While The Canvas Shed is located in Nothern Ireland, distribution can be to any EU country or USA/Canada/Australia. 

See Our Selection Of Stunning Local Northern Ireland Artography Exclusively @

The House OF Vic-Ryn 

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